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About Adventureoo

Adventureoo is an adventure travel pioneer offering Northern Pakistan’s most awe-inspiring selection of tours, treks, excursions and expeditions. With our authentic accommodations, exotic cuisines and local transport, we put our clients on a first-name basis with local people, cultures, landscape and wildlife. We have a deserved reputation for quality of service, innovation, no compromise on safety and providing once-in-a-lifetime holidays at best prices. Our expertise allows you to maximize your precious holiday time and to experience the very best of Northern Pakistan, a place many haven’t explored yet. Adventureoo is your ultimate adventure travel expert: we provide top-class experiences in top-class places with top-class staff at great prices.

Adventureoo was founded by Hassan Tariq, who left a career in investment banking to make a living from the passion of his life – the mighty mountain ranges of the world (Karakoram, Himalaya and Hindu Kush). Hassan, being an avid trekker and mountaineer himself, and having conquered several extreme mountain passes of the Mighty Karakoram, formed Adventureoo to show the world what the North of Pakistan has to offer.

We are justifiably proud of Adventureoo’s achievements and placement in the vastly unexplored mythical North of Pakistan.

Adventureoo – Come, Advenutreoo With Us!

  • Responsible and Sustainable Tourism

    Adventureoo is dedicated to responsible and sustainable tourism with the aim that future travelers will see the majestic Northern Areas of Pakistan in a similar or better state than we have been able to. We have a responsibility as visitors to minimize the impact of our presence, protect what is delicate and where we can, leave a positive influence. Therefore, thoughtful travel is at the heart of every itinerary we offer. Booking your adventure through Adventureoo means you are supporting true sustainability in the protection of local communities, natural environment and wildlife.

    Our Responsible and Sustainable Tourism policies include:

    • Supporting and aiding local communities by investing 10% of our profit in the community uplift and infrastructure projects.
    • Taking care of the environment by planting 10 trees for every person on our tours/treks.
    • Employing local leaders in every trip we do. We benefit local economies by employing local people, and we ensure staff and partner companies are paid fairly for the incredible work they do.
    • Ensuring we pass through communities and environment with as small an impact as possible.
    • Doing everything we can to respect and understand the local customs and culture.
    • Using dedicated campsites, and ensure toilets and washing facilities do not contaminate water supplies. All litter is removed and recycled where possible. No local wood is used for cooking where deforestation is an issue and we encourage the use of renewable energy resources.
  • Value for Money with Highest Quality Services

    Being a local company with grassroots approach, Adventureoo provides highest quality adventure of a lifetime at a fraction of prices being offered by the foreign companies. Moreover, there are no hidden costs. We provide all essential items such as meals, sightseeing, national park fees in the cost of the trip so that you budget better for your big adventure holiday, and don’t have to carry large sum of money throughout your trip. We believe an unforgettable travel experience doesn’t have to be expensive.

  • No Hidden Charges Guarantee

    Our No Hidden Charges Guarantee on all our tours means that there will be no extra charges or change to the price of your holiday once it has been confirmed by us, regardless of fluctuations in fuel prices or exchange rates, giving you peace of mind, which is our top priority.

  • Safety and Security

    Safety and security of travelers and staff is our top priority. With an extensive network of ground operations, tour leaders and local contacts, Adventureoo takes all reasonable measures to ensure your safety and enjoyment while travelling with us. This begins at the planning stage from designing a well thought out itinerary to finally executing it. All our guides are professionally trained and highly experienced in leading the groups, be it tours, treks, excursions or expeditions. For treks and expeditions, we send Thuraya satellite phone with the guide in order to get regular updates regarding the trip. (Members can also use Thuraya satellite phone for personal use for a little charge).

  • Expert Guides

    Avenutureoo follows a strict criteria for selection of guides, and only the most skilled and knowledgeable guides fulfil it. Therefore, our guides are second-to-none. They are certified, extremely skilled and passionate individuals who will truly enhance your experience with local knowledge and unparalleled enthusiasm, while ensuring your safety and enjoyment. A number of mountaineers, trekkers, authors and photographers support Adventureoo, and their expertise ensures that we are constantly taking adventure to new heights. Our range of itineraries provide you the opportunity to discover the undiscovered with many of these explorers for the adventure of a lifetime.

  • Personal Service

    When you contact Adventureoo, you talk to a well-travelled individual, and not a ‘sales force’. You will be looked after by one of our team member who has a direct knowledge of the region you are interested in. This ensures that we offer you first-hand knowledge and personal insight, whether you want to know the best picture spot, technicality of a mountain pass or how many warm socks to pack!

  • Customized Tours

    Customized tours, be it for a private group or an individual, is the ultimate way to travel. Adventureoo can customize an itinerary just for you, giving you the option to choose where you want to go, what you want to see and when you want to do it. You can adjust an existing itinerary to suit your needs or start from scratch and design your own day by day adventure. See our Customized Tours page for more information.

  • Loyalty and Group Discount

    Adventureoo offers handsome group and loyalty discounts. Groups of 5 to 9 members get 5% off per person. Groups of 10 or more members get 10% off per person. Moreover, if you have travelled with us before, you are eligible for 10% discount. Contact Us for more information.

  • Choice

    Whatever your adventure need is, be it tours, treks, excursions or expeditions, Adventureoo has it all. With a large variety of destinations, departure dates and an unparalleled choice adventure holiday styles and service levels designed to meet all tastes, budgets and ages, we are sure there is an Adventureoo holiday for you. So come, Adventureoo with us!